MCDM optimization of machining EDM helical hole trajectory using hybrid TOPSIS - GRA approach


  • Yahia Elattar Assistant professor, Modern Academy for Engineering and Tech., Cairo, Egypt
  • Mohammad Raafat Modern Academy for Engineering and technology
  • Mohammad Salem Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology
  • Ahmed El-Wardany Modern Academy for Engineering and Technology


Electrical Discharge Machining, Multi-Criteria Decision-Making


It is an underlying fact for the case of the EDM especially machining to have optimized parameters in order to manufacturing a helical trajectory hole by electric discharge machining (EDM). with outstanding mechanical characteristics. In the current work, the manufacture Performed on an electrical discharge machine to manufacture hole with a helical trajectory. A proper mechanism was developed in order to manufacture this hole with the required helical path. Optimum EDM parameters (namely, current, current (I), pulse on time (Ton), and pulse-off time (Toff) are investigated using TPOSIS, grey relational analysis GRA and hybrid GRA-TOPSIS statistical approaches. High metal removal rate and low surfaces roughness (SR) were set as required characteristics of quality EDM.